la más alta calidad en columnas de fibra de vidrio




The AB Zeta M&C S.L. group of companies, with vast experience in fibreglass shafts, has remained the market leader since 1989.

In 2008 the business group began developing the first production line of lighting columns and poles for the “photovoltaic, electrical and telecommunications” sector, introducing all the benefits of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) through the Polylight Columns brand.

In its plant in Galicia, Polylight Columns currently has fourteen production lines for lighting columns, traditional and autonomous as well as hybrid, using photovoltaic cells; and columns for video surveillance, as well as poles for power, telephony and telecommunications lines.

Iberia being its main market, it also has distribution and execution of projects internationally in places such as South America, Africa and several countries on the European continent.

Polylight Vision

Polylight Columns works daily to improve its entire production and marketing process by pursuing the necessary support to achieve a global transformation in the lighting sector.

Managing to displace metal and wood materials, it has consolidated a future in which safety, strength, reliability and aesthetics prevail in the lighting sector with the use of GRP.

Polylight Columns wants to remain an undisputed partner of all lighting professionals, adding superior quality and fostering trust with our customers, supported by all the work we’ve already carried out and the results obtained. Culminating in business success for both parties.


Polylight Columns have an internal R + D + I department that together with the technical department gives it the flexibility and dynamism necessary to modify the characteristics of the columns manufactured according to the individual and specific needs of each client, always respecting the integral security of same.

For the distribution of our fibreglass columns we have commercial links in different parts of the world. If you are also part of the lighting and telecommunications sector you could be part of our network of distributors.