Certificados e Informes de Laboratorio



AB Zeta M&C S.L. guarantees that all models of Polylight Columns are certified, designed and produced to withstand luminaires of up to 17 kg and 0.13 m² surface, under the most demanding conditions such as basic wind speed of 29 m / s (Zone C), terrain category class I (open sea) or partial load coefficients CLASS A (1.4 for wind loads and 1.2 for own loads).

Our columns are pigmented in the paste while on the surface we apply a GEL COAT that gives it a smooth finish providing excellent characteristics against acids and saline environments as well as high light stability.

The columns are also offered with the option of GRP arms produced in one piece and of different sizes according to customer requirements.

The door cover is also produced in GRP, adjusted and flush to the column, this is closed by a special key. All structural joints and fixings are made of various materials and polymer alloys that offer equivalent or improved durability.

All our columns have IK10 (maximum impact protection score) and IP66 (maximum protection score against dust and high pressure water jets) certificates.

Our columns comply with the requirements stipulated in the UNE EN 40-2:2006, UNE EN 40-3:2013 and UNE EN 40-7:2003 lighting columns and poles.

We must also mention compliance in accordance with the UNE EN 12767 standard of passive safety performance CLASS 0 and we have the Quality Certificate of Compliance for the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, under Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament establishing harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products, all compliance with these standards mentioned above is certified by a company of recognised prestige.

Polylight Specification
1500-1900 Kg/mᶾ
Surface hardness
45-55 BARCOL
Shock resistance
>20 J/cm²
Flexural strength
>500 Mpa
Flexural modulus of elasticity
>36500 Mpa
Tensile strength
>380 Mpa
Tensile elasticity modulus
>27500 Mpa
Water absorption
Thermal stability
 -30/+70 ºC
Dust and water resistance
IP 66
Dielectric rigidity
≈30 kV/mm 
Impact resistance
IK 10
Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents

We have the report, certified by Bureau Veritas, from a renowned laboratory that certifies that our columns in their entirety, base and shaft, meet the requirements of the UNE EN 60598-1:2015 standard regarding insulation resistance and dielectric rigidity for double or reinforced insulation (Class II dielectric).

Likewise, considering the use and purpose of our columns, outdoor lighting installations, we comply with RD 842/2002 by which the low voltage electrotechnical regulation is approved, and more specifically its technical instruction ITC-BT-09.

List of certificates and standards accredited to Polylight Columns:

· IK10 UNE – EN 50102. 1996
· IP66 UNE – EN 20324: 1993
· UNE EN 40-3: 2013
· UNE EN 40-7: 2003
· UNE EN 12767
· UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015
· UNE EN 60598-1: 2015
· UNE EN 40-2: 2006
· REGULATION (EU) No. 305/2011 (RD 842/2002 – ITC-BT-09)

The UNE-EN 12899 standard does not apply to lighting columns, this standard is applicable for vertical signals.


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